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Shannon Korn, Manager, LMT


Shannon is the Manager for Manton Massage Clinic. Customers can expect excellent service and compassion upon entering the clinic. She believes that the Manton Massage Clinic is a place of healing and well- being, and invites you to experience massage that facilitates profound growth within the body.

Shannon is a licensed massage therapist, and an instructor at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. She carries joy, and a noticeable passion for the healing arts. Shannon holds a knowledge and understanding of the human body, which comes through in her interaction with guests. As a former graduate of Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, she realizes the importance of receiving massage that is properly focused, and facilitates insight, balance, growth and healing.

Manton Massage Clinic guests can expect to receive Shannon's full presence, and appreciation at the time of service. Shannon hopes that upon leaving the clinic, each guest feels refreshed, fully acknowledged, and nourished by their experience.