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Maria Troxel, LMT

Maria found her way to becoming a massage therapist through her own journey to regain a better quality of life after multiple surgeries and medical procedures. After more than a decade of chronic pain and reduced range of motion she started to find relief through yoga, energy work, and of course… massage! As her search for solutions led her to learn more and more about how our bodies work she felt a pull to help others unlock an improved sense of well-being and found her way to Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. While attending MTIC to become an LMT she started to truly make progress on her own daily pain and movement patterns. Along the way she has learned how empowering it can be to realize that sometimes simple changes to your patterns CAN greatly impact your own daily aches and pains. Maria is always looking for new ways to learn, grow, and pass information on to her clients in simple, easy to understand terms. She continues to stay involved at the school by being a teacher’s assistant and a supervisor in the student clinic. Maria’s work is a blend of therapeutic and relaxing. She prefers to focus on how her clients feel, both while at the clinic and as they go through their daily lives, and is most inspired when she can help a client find those small, daily changes that unlock a new sense of well-being.