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Aaryn Wika, LMT

Aaryn has worked in the healthcare field since 2006, extending from the technical Medical Imaging aspect, as a Radiologic and MRI Technologist, and currently, since 2011, in the field of Medical Massage. Her massage experience includes Myofascial with passive and active tissue/joint re-education; Deep Tissue; Manual Lymphatic Drainage specializing in oncology, allergies, and injury recovery; Post-surgical/injury with "hardware" additions; Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) work; and Energetic/Healing Touch to balance, clear and energize the body's energetic fields. Aaryn also works at MTIC as an Anatomy/Physiology and Pathology Instructor. Her sessions often include small bits of information in relation to how the body works, as she believes knowing more about the body aids in a positive and productive healing process. She is continuously learning within the massage and body field, and is currently finishing her MTIC Year 2 education. Her goal is to enhance and facilitate her client's relationship to their own movement and to the physical, gravitational world. When she is not doing massage or teaching, Aaryn enjoys playing Ice Hockey, painting on canvas with acrylics, drawing, gardening, friends and coffee in the sun, and snuggling with her Kitties. Making fresh juices and blends of tea is another joy, as she believes their simple yet complex elements are vital for healing of the body and the mind.